"Oh, I love [the program]... I don't get like frustrated anymore. Before I used to scream a lot. And then when I start taking the program, [my husband] noticed that I was like changing the way I am. It helped him a lot too."
— Parent

"Before [my son] was very aggressive, with everybody and with me... Like he would throw all the toys, make a big mess. You know he wasn't respecting me... now he's working and everything...he tells me he loves me a lot... and he's sleeping by himself...And the teachers say he's doing better."
— Parent

"I really enjoyed this program. The group leaders were great instructing this program by examples and having fun with it. The whole group was a fun group and I'm really going to miss this group."
— Parent

"I have to put myself in a four year old mind. That is something I also learned - your child is still a child regardless of what the situation is and you have to sometimes bring yourself down to that level. Try to understand. So, at first he was an angry person and wake up with an attitude. But everything I've learned in these classes has changed him. He's opening up to me more, he's communicating, he's happier. It's really overwhelming because at first I didn't think it was really going to have as much of an effect as it has, but it really helped."
— Parent

"More programs like this would be really great. Not just for me, but the other moms said it too. It really helped out a lot."
— Parent

"Being a CPP group leader means the world to me. I feel like I'm really making a difference in the lives of parents and children. I would have been a part of this team without compensation... Being a group leader has been a tremendous help on my job, as I am the parent coordinator and [it] aided me in school when I was taking a group process class. This experience has truly enhanced my knowledge base. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with these families. This program alone won't change anyone. We give them the tools for change and it's left up to them to make the choice for change.”
— Susan Macon, Parent Coordinator, Chicago, IL

"The CPP has been an extremely useful adjunct to my work with preschoolers and their families. It is very user-friendly, well received by parents and caregivers, and it gets great results!"
— Joyce Harrison, MD, child psychiatrist, Kennedy-Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

"The vignettes are very well designed and, most importantly, speak directly to parents. Our PACE group participants always comment on them positively. I believe that this is because they identify with the parents they see and with the situations they and their children depict. No fuss or talking to parents in a moralizing fashion - just common parenting situations that all parents of young children invariably face."
— Professor Jean E. Dumas - University of Geneva

"Parents have evaluated both the content and format of the program very favorably. They find the strategies taught in the program really helpful as they encounter new parenting challenges with each development change in their child."
— Sharon Tucker, PhD, RN - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

"When [parents] saw the vignettes, they said "Hey, that happens to my kid all the time!" They sensed that they weren't alone in their problems and that's how they got comfortable."
— Chicago Parent Program Co-Facilitator

"I snuck into the group a couple of times and it was such a warm and rich environment and I said I hope it stays like that...It was beautiful."
— Head Start Site Director

"Even though [the parent] doesn't see it, we see the improvement. [Her son] has learned to talk so much quieter - it is really an improvement."
— Teacher